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ban the box

Pre-employment Background Checks

3 min read

How Background Screening Can Lead to Great Hires

Reading through resumes and applications can be like reading the abstract of a novel or watching a movie preview. You can get the highlights and...

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human resources employment screening questions

5 min read

Human Resources’ Top Questions About Employment Screening Answered

We often field questions about employment screening from our HR clients, and we want to take this opportunity to answer some of the more common and...

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what hiring managers need to know about background checks

2 min read

5 Things Every Hiring Manager Should Know About Background Checks

Every HR manager has to make hiring decisions, and most of them use employment background checks to help ensure the decisions are the right ones.

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Evaluating an Applicant’s Criminal History

2 min read

4 Key Criteria for Evaluating an Applicant’s Criminal History

EEOC policy and the various Ban the Box statutes around the country share the common characteristic of requiring employers to adopt background...

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