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background checks

types of criminal background checks

4 min read

4 Types of Criminal Background Checks for Employment

Hiring new employees is more than a matter of trusting one’s intuition. Employers have a responsibility – a legal duty of care – to take reasonable...

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united states labor shortages

6 min read

10 Reasons Businesses Are Facing Labor Shortages in the US

In the past year, we’ve seen a rise in businesses struggling to adequately staff their operations. Just walk into any restaurant or store today, and...

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background checks on independent contractors

2 min read

Employment Screening FAQ Series: Can We Run Background Checks on Independent Contractors?

The modern U.S. workforce consists of 15.5 million independent contractors, or contingent workers, who depend on this type of work as their primary...

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do background checks stop fraud

1 min read

Do Background Checks Actually Stop Fraud?

Ethical employees are an obvious key to fraud prevention within any organization. But can you ever really know your employees are ethical before you...

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role-related risk assessments

2 min read

How to Perform a Role-Related Risk Assessment

Your pre-employment background screening program is an important part of your overall risk management strategy. All of the risks you are trying to...

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2 min read

5 problems with employee drug test programs

Employers face many challenges trying to enforce drug testing regulations for their employees. While there are generally well-documented processes...

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hiring a recent graduate

2 min read

Hiring a College Grad? What to Look for in a Background Check

The future of many companies depends greatly on the quality of the new college grads they hire. Unfortunately, these young people often have very...

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background check your employees

2 min read

6 Great Reasons to Background Check Your Employees

If you’re like most employers today, you already use background checks to help make employment-related decisions. But just in case you think you’re...

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Evaluating an Applicant’s Criminal History

2 min read

4 Key Criteria for Evaluating an Applicant’s Criminal History

EEOC policy and the various Ban the Box statutes around the country share the common characteristic of requiring employers to adopt background...

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Individualized Assessments

3 min read

The Why, What, and When of Individualized Assessments

About one year ago, on April 25, 2012, the EEOC issued revised enforcement guidelines on the use of criminal records in hiring decisions in...

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Importance of Employment Screening and Background Checks

2 min read

The Importance of Employment Screening and Background Checks

The risks of a bad hire can be significant. Yet still some business owners are willing to rely on “gut feel” in making hiring decisions. They fail to...

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