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Pre-Employment Credit Checks 

Manage risk and make confident hiring decisions for staff with access to financial information and sensitive data

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According to a nationwide survey conducted by The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and, 25% of HR professionals use credit or financial screenings during the hiring process for some positions. 

Conducting a credit check on a potential employee can reveal detail regarding the candidate’s integrity and character. A low credit score can indicate financial distress which may indicate a risk of fraud or theft. Numerous past due payments and charge-offs can indicate a lack of monetary responsibility. 

A pre-employment credit report can be useful in determining the responsibility and dependability of a candidate 

AccuSourceHR™ Workforce Solutions obtains credit history reports directly from the credit bureau. The information provided includes names and addresses associated with Social Security Number, accounts, bankruptcies, credit limits, delinquent payments, and child support delinquencies. 

What shows up on an Employment Credit Check:

AccuSourceHR Bullseye.40 Identifying information (name, address, SSN, etc.)
AccuSourceHR Bullseye.40 Incurred debt (credit cards, mortgage, car loans, etc.)
AccuSourceHR Bullseye.40 Payment history, including past due payments

Employment Credit Checks & Legal Implications:

The use of credit reports for the purpose of employment decisions has changed significantly in recent years due to increased state restrictions. AccuSourceHR™ Workforce Solutions provides employers with up-to-date legal compliance information to support informed decision-making. 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) sets standards for what an employer can do during the hiring process, including guidelines for the use of credit history information. Below are guidelines employers must follow regarding the information obtained from a pre-employment credit check: 

AccuSourceHR Bullseye.40 The employer must obtain written approval from the applicant
AccuSourceHR Bullseye.40 The report cannot include outdated information
AccuSourceHR Bullseye.40 The applicant must be informed if the report is used to make a negative hiring decision
AccuSourceHR Bullseye.40 The applicant has the right to see what is in the report
AccuSourceHR Bullseye.40 The applicant has the right to dispute the information in the report

The Adverse Action Process

If an employer does not hire an applicant because of the information found in a pre-employment credit check, a specific set of actions must be followed per FCRA guidelines. This “Pre-adverse & Adverse Action Process” is explained in our detailed infographic. 

Integration Fast and Easy

We partner with major ATS and HRIS providers so integration is easy. See the full list of our ATS and Strategic Partners. Don’t see your system on the list? Contact us to discuss custom integrations. 

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