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Instant Onsite Substance Abuse Testing Services 

Instant drug testing programs for employers

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Instant On Demand Drug Testing 

Organizational needs are unique to each business, even within the same industry. Substance abuse screening testing options should be flexible to address the specific requisites of each business served. Instant onsite testing affords employers additional options in supporting drug-free workplace goals. Screening can be performed anytime day or night, without the added expense of after-hours collection or time lost in travel to a clinic for specimen collection. 

Instant oral fluid testing affords a great option for employers impacted by recent workplace marijuana testing legislation. The oral fluid testing panel for marijuana screens for the target analyte active THC versus non-psychoactive cannabis metabolites. Other marijuana testing modes including urine-based testing include screening for non-psychoactive cannabis metabolites which if detected indicate historic use versus recent use of marijuana. Emerging laws aim to protect employees’ off-duty use by limiting employer testing to screening for the target analyte active THC which is detectable within a short window after use, indicating potential current impairment. 

Instant drug and alcohol screening products afford employers with cost-effective means to address a wide variety of use cases including rapid screening for short term labor and same day placements, flexible testing for job fairs and recruiting events, non-regulated for cause, post-accident and reasonable suspicion testing and remote hiring needs.

Instant Oral Fluid Testing Devices

Oral Tox

OralTox® is a rapid oral fluid drug test delivering fast and accurate results without the embarrassment and discomfort often found in instant urine drug screening. Benefits include no need for controlled restroom facilities or same sex collectors, while still providing accurate and dependable results in minutes. OralTox® was designed with both donors and test administrators in mind. Each test is simple to dispense anytime and anywhere, with fast, accurate, easy-to-read results in minutes, making OralTox® the proven choice for hiring professionals. Features include customizable testing panels to test for up to 12 drugs simultaneously, indicator showing ample sample has been collected and clear, easy-to-read results in minutes. OralTox® is laboratory management system (LMS) supported affording same specimen lab-based confirmation testing and has several panel configurations approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 


Rapid Response 

The Rapid ResponseTM Multi-Drug Saliva Test Cup is a rapid, qualitative screening test for the simultaneous detection of multiple drugs and metabolites in human oral fluid. An indicator strip is included in the indicator window of the collection swab to signal saturation. Upon saturation, the collection swab will change color. Interpretation of test results are: positive (one line), negative (two lines), invalid (no lines or no control line).

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Instant Urine Testing Devices

Premier Bio-Cup

The Premier Bio-Cup is a flexible, cost-effective, and convenient alternative to standard lab-based drug screening. The easy-to-use, leak-proof, tamper-resistant cups are constructed with high-quality materials leading to greater dependability and accuracy than found in most instant urine drug screening products. The Premier Bio-Cup also affords the flexibility to test for up to 12 common substances of abuse in a single test. Some of the Premier Bio-Cups unique features include: zero tolerance cut-offs available, fast results in as little as 30 seconds, 60-minute result stability and built-in SVT (Specimen Validity Tests) available. 


Instant Alcohol Screening Devices


The Q.E.D.® Saliva Alcohol Test is a CLIA-waived and DOT-approved, on-site, rapid, low-cost alternative to breath or blood testing. The Q.E.D.® Test is easy to administer and provides quantitative results comparable to a blood test. Q.E.D.® is ideal for use in the workplace, criminal justice, drug and alcohol treatment centers and clinical setting screening programs, among others.


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Oral Fluid Test Proctoring 

AccuSourceHR™ Workforce Solutions’s Oral Fluid Test Proctoring solution affords observed oral fluid specimen collection and handling for both lab-based and instant oral fluid drug testing. Created to meet the unique demands of remote workforces, test kits can be shipped directly to donors in tamper evident packaging. Once the kit is received, donors schedule their virtual appointment online utilizing proprietary software. During their appointment, they are guided through identity validation, testing consent documents, and specimen collection by experienced proctors via video conferencing. The test proctor interprets instant results and manages the confirmation test process, if required, Collection and shipment processes can also be facilitated for lab-based oral fluid tests. Oral Fluid Test Proctoring promotes rapid onboarding of remote hires and affords employers an independent 3rd party collection option for any use case where instant or lab-based oral fluid testing is desired.

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