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Why Order An MVR Report As Part Of A Background Check

MVR reports

A motor vehicle report (MVR) looks into a candidate’s driving record and provides information on traffic violations, license suspensions, and more. For any potential employee who will be driving, an MVR report is vital. It protects your company from liability in the event of an accident and protects company vehicles from damage. 

However, an MVR report is limited in what information it can retrieve, and there is also legality to consider. Different areas have different regulations. Below, we will give you a brief breakdown of MVR reports and when to consider ordering one.

What Is An MVR Report?

An MVR report searches a state’s department of motor vehicles for a candidate’s driving records. This can be a simple way to confirm a candidate’s driver’s license is valid, but it can also identify any driving-related violations, which could potentially be relevant to a candidate’s qualifications.

How much information you can pull from motor vehicle report varies by state. Most states return records from the past three years, but some states go back as far as 10 years.

There are some notable limitations with an MVR report. First, motor vehicle report may not show past driving under the influence (DUI) charges as some states remove these from DMV records after a set number of years. In California, for example, a DUI stays on record for 10 years. An additional criminal check may be necessary (although sometimes DUIs are sealed or expunged from a candidate’s records).

Second, if a candidate has lived in multiple states, violations may not be carried over. Each state has its own regulations. If you’re hiring someone who recently moved, check the local DMV rules in their area to ensure you are not missing anything in your motor vehicle report.

Why Order An MVR Report?

An MVR report is most important for jobs that involve driving, especially when employees use company cars or frequently drive for work-related reasons. In fact, an MVR report is required for some jobs – like Department of Transportation of Federal Motor Carrier Administrative jobs. A history of traffic violations entails a major red flag. If an employee causes an accident at work, this could increase your insurance rates and result in costly litigation.

Even if a job does not directly involve driving, an MVR report is an essential precaution for safety-sensitive positions. You likely don’t want someone with a history of careless driving operating heavy machinery, for example.

In short, an MVR report minimizes risks for employees, customers, the general public, and your company’s reputation.

What About Continuous Monitoring?

Continuous monitoring is exactly what it sounds like. Like routine drug testing, you can regularly order motor vehicle reports on your employees. This helps you keep an eye out for new speeding tickets, accidents, traffic violations, and more. As with a routine MVR report, you will need to follow FCRA guidelines closely.

If your employees regularly drive as part of their job, continuous monitoring is highly recommended. If an employee is driving on a suspended license or has accrued numerous traffic violations since being hired, your company could be held liable in the event of an accident. You want to make sure your employees maintain a record of safe driving long term.

Are MVR Reports Legal?

MVR reports are considered Consumer Reports. They can therefore be used during the hiring process as long as you comply with the Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA). You must provide written notice that an MVR report may be used for employment purposes and that adverse action may be taken based on the results. If you do take adverse action, you must give the individual notice and provide them an opportunity to dispute the accuracy of the report.

Always check local regulations. Legality can vary greatly not only by state, but by different districts within a state. At AccuSourceHR, we help our clients become familiar with all local laws regarding MVR reports to ensure compliance. Learn more here.

The Bottom Line

An MVR report is a precaution that protects your company from liability, high insurance premiums, and a loss of reputation. It also keeps the community safe by ensuring competent drivers are on the road. For safety-sensitive positions especially, an MVR report is a vital part of a background check.

To learn more about AccuSourceHR’s MVR services, reach out here, and someone will be in touch shortly.

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