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Instant Drug & Alcohol Screening Products

For employers seeking the convenience and increased cost control of testing applicants onsite with results available in minutes, AccuSourceHR offers a full line of instant oral swab and urine cups. All products are high-quality, proven accurate, tamper-resistant and made in the United States. Full administrator training is provided free of charge for all instant onsite products.


OralTox® is a rapid oral fluid drug test delivering fast and accurate results without the embarrassment and discomfort often found in instant urine drug screening. Benefits include no need for controlled restroom facilities or same sex collectors, while still proving accurate and dependable results in minutes. OralTox® was designed with both donors and test administrators in mind. Each test is simple to dispense anytime and anywhere, with fast, accurate, easy to read results in minutes, making OralTox® the proven choice for hiring professionals. Features include customizable testing panels to test for up to 12 drugs simultaneously, indicator showing ample sample has been collected and clear, easy to read results in minutes.

Premier Bio-Cup

The Premier Bio-Cup is a flexible, cost-effective and convenient option to standard lab-based drug screening. The easy-to-use, leak-proof, tamper-resistant cups are constructed with high-quality materials leading to greater dependability and accuracy than found in most instant urine drug screening products. The Premier Bio-Cup also affords the flexibility to test for up to 12 common substances of abuse in a single test. Some of the Premier Bio-Cups unique features include: zero tolerance cut-offs available, fast results in as little as 30 seconds, 60 minute result stability and built-in SVT (Specimen Validity Tests) available.

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